Ten on Tuesday – Red!

I love the topic this week. In honor of Valentines or in my case, Singles Awareness Day and more importantly, Heart Health Month, we’re talking our favorite things that are red. My favorite color! This will be fun.

1. Ruby the Suby – my very favorite red thing. I love my red car.

2. My red patent leather MaryJanes. also known as my Dorothy Does Dallas shoes or Little Orphan Annie Turns Tricks shoes, they are the perfect combination of sweet and innocent and sexy. they suit me to a T.
3. Red lipstick – I’m a blue-eyed bottleblonde and I’m Polish – red is my color and I can rock it. nothing makes me feel prettier than a deep red lip. my favorite is a combination of Revlon’s Fire and Ice (classic red!) and Red Laquer. one on my bottom lip, one on my top lip, press together and va, va, voom!
4. a little red dress – perfect for a night out
5. on a decidedly less sexy note, my red bathrobe. its LL Bean fleece, ankle length and zippered. and my cats think its theirs, so its usually covered in cat hair. rawr! comfiest thing in the world though.
6. a ripe tomato, preferably warm from the summer sun
7. red tulips – springy and pretty
8. a red wall – I used to have them in my living room, in my last place. I long to paint my kitchen red and do an accent wall in the living room in the same shade but my landlord is a “neutrals only” person. someday…
9. strawberries – yum!
10. red yarn and fiber – not just because its my favorite color but because the dyer in me knows how truly difficult reds are. its hard to get a good red without mixing shades and then, they either come out beautifully or dull and muddy. a deep, intense, tonal red is incredibly gratifying to achieve.

feeling inspired… may need to knit something red.


  1. Lisa’s avatar

    cute shoes! I, too, am of Polish heritage. :)


  2. Donna’s avatar

    Oh my gosh the names of the shoes – just had me laughing out loud right at my desk!


  3. Knitnana’s avatar

    GORGEOUS shoes!!! Oh my goodness.
    Love your entire list, but those shoes!


  4. Leslie’s avatar

    YEP! gonna have to show my daughters those shoes!
    Loved your reds.


  5. Patti’s avatar

    I enjoyed your list and have to say that #5 made me laugh out loud — which I really needed tonight.



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