Wednesdays are for knitting

20140205-083444.jpg especially when they’re snow days!

20140205-083542.jpg the current focus of my knitting efforts – my Daybreak, aka my Morning Coffee Shawl. I’m doing this for Foxfire’s latest KAL. the deadline is Feb. 14, so I’m trying to finish it in a hurry. 2 1/2 more stripes to go, then its on to the border. more knit rows than purl rows in the border so it will at least feel like it goes faster. there’s 400+ stitches (I’m not counting, its too many!) on there so those rows are long…

20140205-084207.jpg so I started this to have something to work on when I only have a few minutes. its the ultimate mindless project – Carole’s Picot Edge Socks. simple stockinette in lovely Weaver’s Wool Quarters. thinking it will be my travel project when I go to New Orleans in a couple weeks.

my other projects are pretty much on hold – the Irish Hiking Scarf, the fair isle cardigan and the Hartford sweater. all will get picked up again after Daybreak is done.

with that, I’m off to finish those stripes. 6 more rows!

  1. Christine’s avatar

    Yes they are!!! I’m sitting at home doing the same thing.
    Your daybreak looks great and I’m thinking of starting a sock or two are well…


  2. Jenni’s avatar

    Your Daybreak looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it fniished. :)



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