Ten on Tuesday – I am…

Carole suggested a little something different this week – 10 sentences that start with “I am”. Fun! Here goes…

1. I am pushing to finish my Daybreak shawl. 3 stripes and the edging to go. KAL deadline is Feb. 14, so I need to rush.
2. I am itching to knit these socks in Malabrigo Rasta.
3. I am going to make those socks toe up with taller cuffs because my big feet will require 2 skeins anyway – may as well do one per sock to use it up and knit the cuffs until I run out.
4. I am super excited to go to New Orleans in a couple of weeks. Going for a conference but will have my evenings free to poke around. Staying on Canal Street, right near (in?) the French Quarter. It’ll be my first visit there.
5. I am taking suggestions for things to do while I’m there, within an easy walk or short cab ride of my hotel. Beignets at Cafe du Monde are a must and it would seem that I need to spend a good part of my time eating and drinking my way through. where and what else?
6. I am planning the knitting for the trip and trying to talk myself out of starting something new just to take with me. My knitting time is always more limited than I think it will be when I travel.
7. I am a little bit ready for spring.
8. I am longing for the first warm day that I can sit on my patio with a glass of wine and soak up the sun.
9. I am still not complaining about winter.
10. I am really hoping for a snow day tomorrow!


  1. Donna’s avatar

    I just added those socks to my queue! They look so nice and warm. Have a great time on your trip :-)


  2. Vicki’s avatar

    Those socks looks so comfy & cozy!! Have fun in New Orleans… I’ve never been either (it’s on my list).


  3. Bonny’s avatar

    Those warm socks look like the perfect thing to knit during your snow day tomorrow! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.



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