Ten on Tuesday – I Heart Winter Edition

20140127-202555.jpg Today’s missive from Carole – Ten Things You {Like} Love About Winter. You’ll never hear me complain about it (ok, there was one *little* whine last week when snow threatened to cancel my long-awaited tattoo appointment but it was fleeting, especially when said appointment was made earlier and I bailed on work for fresh ink). At any rate, I love winter. Love it, love it, love it. Its my favorite season – here’s why.
1. Snow – watching it come down, playing in it, walking in it, even driving in it. I can’t get enough.
2. Cold temps – I hate the heat. I’ll take 20 over 90 any day.
3. Dry weather – ditto for the humidity. my house has been hovering at about 18% humidity lately and I love it, even if it means extra lotion.
4. Wearing the handknits – its a knitter’s favorite season
5. Snuggling under the blankets – I keep my house cool and love to curl up under my handknit afghan on the couch or my flannel sheets and down comforter
6. Winter skies – there’s something extra pretty about the muted colors of a winter sky
7. Winter night skies – you can really see the stars at my place, more so than any place I’ve lived since I was a kid. Cold, clear winter nights are especially beautiful. I admit that more than a few times when I’ve woken up in the middle of the night, I’ve thrown on my robe and stepped outside to look at the stars. there’s nothing like it.
8. Knitting weather – winter is perfect for it
9. Comfort food – bread, soups and stews, crock pot meals – I love winter meals
10. Sitting in front of the woodstove, glass of wine in hand. no better spot…


  1. Angelia’s avatar

    I, too, will take 20 over 90 ANY DAY!


  2. Bonny’s avatar

    Your enthusiastic list helped remind me of the many positives to be found in winter! I’ll have to get out and take a look at the winter sky to look for Mercury, Venus, and Orion.


  3. Donna’s avatar

    comfort food – yummmm. Glad you got to keep the tattoo appointment. That would have bummed me out too!


  4. Vicki’s avatar

    I love the winter sky, too. It can be so dramatic!



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