Ten on Tuesday – the one where I have to be a grown up…

Carole’s fun missive this week – 10 Things That Make You Feel Like a Grown Up. Sigh… if i *have* to be one, I suppose these are things that remind me.

1. Paying bills. my bi-weekly reminder that I’m an adult, with responsibilities. and buying shoes isn’t one of them…
2. Visiting my parents’ house – and leaving.
3. speaking of, owning my own home. I don’t right now and renting always feels a little weird to me, like i’m not really a grown up. i want to be there again and I will, in time.
4. dating, post-divorce. its a whole different ballgame…
5. seeing my friends and family turn 40. my brother turned 40 this weekend and he’s only 17 months older than me. the denial is strong but it will be here before I know it.
6. drinking wine while I make dinner.
7. taking my cats to the vet – something about being responsible for another living thing.
8. looking at my (meager) retirement account
9. eating in restaurants alone – I do this more when I travel for work than anything, though I’ve never shied from it the way I know some people do. you won’t find me sitting at the bar either or burying my face in a book at a corner table either. I’m happy to grab a good spot and settle in for some people watching and a good meal.
10. traveling alone – whether its for work or pleasure, its that sense of independence and freedom that comes with it that feels grown up. I rather enjoy it and if I’m traveling for work, prefer it.


  1. Donna’s avatar

    Yes – being responsible for another living thing is definitely a big reminder for me. Let’s not even discuss the retirement account…



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