Ten on Tuesday – the View from Here

I love this week’s topic – 10 Things You Can See From Your Favorite Knitting Spot.  At home, I alternate between 2 spots in the living room – couch and chair.  My big comfy arm chair is super cozy, roomy enough for both kitties and I and warm from being next to a heating vent – and as such, often leads to spontaneous naps, whether or not knitting happens to be in my hands.  For that reason, I often go for my couch, which has become my favorite spot lately.

From there, I have this view out the window:

(this was taken the morning after the freak October snowstorm but you get the idea).  From my spot, I have a great view of the neighborhood and my apartment.  Among the highlights:

  1. Ghetto Mart – I know its not PC and borderline tasteless to call it that but if go were to go in there, you’d understand.  The convenience store across the street is really something.  Rather handy for when you run out of basics like bread, milk that may or may not be past its expiration date, lottery tickets, cigarettes, knives, porn and pipes (glass vs the corncob type and clearly labelled “for your legal tobacco use only”).  You’d think I’d prefer to ignore it (or move) but I’ve discovered something in the nearly 2 years I’ve been here – ghetto mart is the center of my little neighborhood.  Everyone goes there, the employees know all the neighbors and will happily chat you up (not to mention flirt shamelessly) and they truly support the people in our little corner of the world, whether its paying a kid $10 to shovel the snow that doesn’t really need shoveling, giving a hand to a mom with little ones or keeping an eye on someone going through a rough time.  On any summer night, I can sit and listen to the men of the neighborhood gossip out front or get serenaded by our resident woeful teen hipster with a harmonica.  And they are trying to clean up and make it nicer – the icky stuff is on the way out and apparently, there’s plans for expansion and improvements.  I’ve come to appreciate its hidden charms and welcome the view from my window.
  2. The neighbors – there’s always great people watching from my knitting spot.  Lots of people walking dogs, going for a run, kids walking to school.  Sadly, it does lack the view of a Hot Neighbor like I had at my house, with no one near comparable in 2 years.  On the other hand, there’s no view of a neighbor nicknamed Ass Crack Mike either, for which I am incredible grateful.  Still, lots of interesting characters…
  3. My boys – whether they like it or not, I can keep an eye on most of Thumper and Gizmo’s antics and their favorite napping spots from my perch on the couch.
  4. My dining room – at Christmastime, I get the glow of the tree, other times the flicker of a candle lit in the dining room or the trees just outside the big windows.
  5. The tv – I tend to watch a lot of tv while I knit and have a great view from my spot.
  6. My knitting library – from my spot, I can see my bookshelves dedicated to fiber – great for inspiration or distraction.
  7. The sunrise – I have a great view of the sun coming up in morning, which makes the time I always give myself to knit before work that much more precious.
  8. My red walls – I love the color of my living room.  Its Pottery Barn Red and fabulous.  I can take no credit, as the last tenants painted it but it was one of the things that sold me on my place.  I love red.  The red of my walls is deep and rich and gorgeous and just makes me happy.
  9. My WIP bag – I hang the bag for my current work in progress on the knob of the french doors to the living room.  Nice to have it always within sight and close at hand, especially in those moments when I’m considering casting on just one more thing.
  10. Jane the dress form – Jane lives in the corner of my living room.  When she’s not actively modeling a garment, she’s draped with shawls and scarves, which is pretty and inspiring and honestly, great storage.

I hope I’ve painted a little picture of the view from where I spend some of most relaxed moments.  Looking forward to what others have to share this week.



  1. Beth’s avatar

    I love the idea of using your dress form to display shawls and scarves. I inherited mine from my husband’s grandmother and it’s pretty ugly. But it does work!


  2. Nichole’s avatar

    People watching and knitting sounds like fun! Happy ToT!


  3. kathy b’s avatar

    Fun VIEWS from your perch of the world!! I wish we had some snow. it is very bleak out my CHicago window….


  4. Kathy’s avatar

    Oh my! I love your list so much that I can hardly choose my favorite. #1 is great. There is something about a place like the ghetto mart that creates a hometown feel and memories that will last a lifetime. Love it.


  5. Dianne’s avatar

    Sounds like a great spot! I love that you named your dress form :-)



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